Letter Wreath

Our sweet friend Jac celebrated her 30th birthday yesterday! As a gift to her, I created a “J” wreath in her fave colors pink and Tiffany blue (or as close as I could come). I love the way it turned out and am absolutely in love with the felt roses I created to adorn the wreath. What I love best about this wreath is the┬áversatility. You can hang it on a door or wall or stand it up on a shelf as a decorative piece.

J wreath


J Wreath felt roses


I will personalize all letter wreath orders including colors. This item has been added to the store!

This week I have so much on my to do list! I’m finishing up a wreath for my daughter’s teacher as a thank you gift, creating a wreath for my Facebook winner, and beginning work on 2 upcoming birthday parties. I’ll be sure to share my progress along the way!